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Setting Up Team & Individual Training for Your Team

Training is another important area that you need to focus on to fully benefit your team. Getting your training and coaching system right can improve your teams performance and individual players attributes.

This section will help you decide how to
choose and assign coaches, and the best ways to set team and individual training.

Coaches - I recommend that you assign one coach for each area of training. The training areas are; Strength, Aerobic, Goalkeeping - Shot Stopping, Goalkeeping - Handling, Tactics, Ball Control, Defending, Attacking and Shooting. So in total you should have at least 9 coaches, or 8 if you can get your assistant manager to cover one of the training aspects. Doing this means that the coach will only take the part of training that he is most skilled at and the players will benefit more. You will notice too that doing this increases the star rating of each aspect of training.

N.B. Determination, Level of Discipline & Motivation are key attributes for all coaches. The higher their attributes for these along with the relevant attributes listed on the Staff page the higher star rating they will have.

(for more information on coaches visit the Staff page)

Team Training

The team training page helps you to plan your teams training ahead of time.

General Training - I recommend setting Default Focus to Balanced and Default Intensity to Average. In pre-season though to familiarise your team with your tactics and prepare them & build fitness for the new season I would raise the Default Intensity to Very High and return to average about a week before the season starts.

Also if you have made a lot of
new signings in a short period of time you might want to Increase Intensity on Team Cohesion for a while to help the new players to gel.

Match Training - I set the Default Focus to Tactics Only and fine tune using the Match Preparation.

Weekly Focus & Intensity - I leave as the defaults.

Match Preparation - If I have a Home Game I set the Focus as Attacking Movement, and Defensive Positioning for Away Games. However if I am playing a much weaker team if it is home or away I will Focus on Attacking Movement, and if I am playing a much stronger team I will Focus on Defensive Positioning.

Scheduling - I set this to 30% time spent on match preparation, which keeps the Overall Workload at Medium.

Individual Training

Focus - I always have a Focus area for each of my players on the go, If they are weaker in a particular attribute that is relevant to their position I will use this to Focus on strengthening it (e.g. Passing for a midfielder, Finishing for a striker etc) or if they already have good attributes relevant to their position, I will concentrate on other weaker attributes to make them more of a good all round player.

Focus Intensity I usually set as Average, however if they are struggling with their workload reduce it to Light.

New Position - I always have all of my players working on a new position until they are comfortable with their new role, as it gives your team more adaptability and better cover when a player is injured. E.g. If I have a Right Back I will also train him as a Left Back and possibly as a winger. A Central midfielder I will also train as an Attacking Midfielder or Defensive Midfielder depending on which their attributes most suit. A Right Winger I will also train as a Left Winger and possibly as a Striker.

I always try to have players working on a
new move, I usually wait for these to be recommended by one of my coaches through Backroom Advice, but make sure it is relevant to their position and role before agreeing to a new move for them to learn as it could hinder them rather than help them otherwise.

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